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The Accidental Aquarist

Betta splendens

Are you the victim of an unexpected fish acquisition? Follow these steps for an inexpensive, natural, and low-maintenance aquarium.

The Hoof-Print Story

They are beautiful. As you gaze at the graceful, flowing fins and spectacular colours, the store owner wanders over and extolls the virtues of these gorgeous Betta splendens; exotic Siamese Fighting Fish that can be kept in bowls (that she also happens to sell). You explain you’ve just come in for some cat food, and isn’t it a bit cramped in a bowl anyway? That’s when the retailer pulls out the big guns. “In the wild,” she explains, “they live in hoof prints.”

Sound familiar? That customers so often question the feasibility of fish living in bowls and require retailers to reproduce hoof-print stories suggests that deep down a little voice is whispering something is not right. Listen to that voice. It is wise…

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