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Published Short Fiction

Nature Futures
August 29, 2018

"A Pocketful of Dolphins"
If This Goes On anthology
Parvus Press, edited by Cat Rambo
Forthcoming October 2018

"The Coupon"
Nature Futures
December 21, 2017

"Playing for Keeps"
Nature Futures
January 12, 2017

Storyteller - Canada's Short Story Magazine
Fall 2004

"The Whitefish of Halifax Harbour"
Second Place - Storyteller's Great Canadian Short Story Contest
Summer 2004

Storyteller - Canada's Short Story Magazine
Summer 2002

Novels (WIP)

Speculative Fiction - 91,000 words

Work in Progress
Speculative Fiction

Published Nonfiction

"The Ethical Aquarist"
Top ten freshwater fishes to avoid
WWM Digital Magazine, Summer 2010
Article (PDF)

"Sex Changes Everything"
These drab freshwater females will spice up your aquarium -- if you can find them.
WWM Digital Magazine, Winter 2010
Article (PDF)

"The Accidental Aquarist"
Are you the victim of an unexpected fish acquisition? Follow these steps for an inexpensive, natural, and low-maintenance aquarium.
WWM Digital Magazine, Spring 2011
Article (PDF)